Noe Garment Hang Tags

One of a Kind Hang Tags

These colorful hang tags printed for garment maker Noe were printed using a press called the Vandercook. By placing different colored inks on opposite sides of the roller on a press, the colors naturally meet in the middle during printing to create a “rainbow” effect. Five different versions of this technique were used for this project, resulting in a multitude of colors and shades, making each individual hang tag completely unique. These tags were printed on a 100lb text weight paper and then duplexed to a thick coasterboard, resulting in a sturdy card that really stood out. Using a drill press, each tag was finished with a hole, allowing them to be easily attached to clothing with string.

Processes Used


Materials Used

100lb Text Weight Paper, Coasterboard

Printed On

1958 Vandercook 4

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