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This is the place to start if you have a question! All of our most frequently asked questions in one place.

Designing For Letterpress

Designing for letterpress printing has its own set of rules and we're happy to be able to give some guidelines and pointers.

File Preparation

Ready to order? Here's all the information you need to prepare your file for print.

Paper Options

Learn more about all the amazing papers we are proud to print your project on.

Ink Colors

1,867 Pantone colors to choose from... but who's counting? Learn more about uncoated Pantone color matching here.

Foil Colors

Foil adds that little something extra to your printing and we have many colors on hand to choose from. Check out our foil selection here.

Paper Textures

Different types of paper have different types of textures. We break down the differences right here.

Finishing OPtions

Envelope liners, custom shapes, edge painting, vellum wraps - no matter what you can think up, it's all about the details.

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