Candle Packaging

Candle Packaging

We love working with designers and candle makers alike to craft custom labeling and packaging that will set their products apart. The experience we’ve garnered by creating for product makers over the years can aid you in producing beautiful and unique packaging. Letterpress candle labels and dust covers are functional in addition to being high end, adding an extra dose of luxury to your premium candles.

Custom dust covers are another way to showcase your brand and identify unique scents of characteristics of the candle. They also have the added functionality of keeping dust and debris off of the candle itself. 

Candle Dust Cover Guidelines

For candle packaging, we have dies for many shapes and sizes. On the first slide, we have a diagram of standard sizes. We can also make custom dies for your unique measurements, with a small die charge. We keep your die on file, so there will be no additional die charge for future orders.

The best method to measure your candles to figure out which die size is needed is to measure the inside dimension with an accurate ruler and then subtract a small amount, such as 1/8th of an inch, to account for variation in packaging. 

On the second slide, you can see some of the standard wick hole options available for your dust cover. We can also make custom dies for your unique wick hole style.


We're here to help when you're ready to get your project started. Please send us an email or a quote request and we'll say hello soon!
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