Letterpress Business Cards

Custom Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress business cards can help differentiate your business and make the strongest initial impression. After all, if you pay this much attention to your business card, you must be someone who values precision and detail. These are the strongest attributes you can find in a business relationship. We can help you express the unique identity of your business by crafting custom business cards through letterpress, foil or embossing. You can select from fine, textured papers like Crane’s Lettra or Classic Crest Epic Black, or hundreds of other options to elevate your business card to a truly specialized communication tool.

Duplexed Business Cards

Duplexing is the process of mounting two different papers together after printing to create a thicker paper stock. Using two different paper colors is an interesting way to create a unique business card, with each side presenting a different feel and look.

Triplexing is another method of finishing, where an inner colored sheet can give a surprising pop of color, plus it creates a luxuriously thick business card. The combinations of what you can do with different colored papers are practically limitless!

Black and copper foil stamping on kraft and black paper with triplex inner sheet
Black ink letterpress with gold foil business card with gold edge painting

Edge Painted Business Cards

Edge painting is another great way to add a pop of color to your business cards. We mix the color to your specification and paint the edges after printing, creating an even and consistent color all the way around. This process works best when using double thick papers, such as 600gsm cotton. 

Edge foiling, or gilding, is another beautiful finishing option that adds a little glitz and fanciness to your design. Metallic foil is applied to the edges of the cards by our experienced vendor, creating a unique look that definitely stands out.

Blind Debossed/Embossed business cards

A blind deboss is the process of using a letterpress impression without any ink, creating a clean and modern look. We can also use a clear varnish in place of ink, which gives a little more legibility to some designs while still giving that “no ink” debossed look. 

We can also create a blind emboss, which is the same process, just inverted. The impression would be raised instead of pressed into the paper. 

white foil blind deboss business card
Letterpress and Gold Foil Die Cut Business Card

Die Cut Business Cards

We love creating custom shaped business cards! While some die cut shapes are somewhat standard, such as a circle or diamond shape, we can use a custom die to cut your business cards into almost any shape you can think of. Receiving a card in the shape of something relevant and unique to your business is something a customer or client is going to remember!

Multiple Sets of Business Cards

Whether your company has one employee or a hundred, creating multiple sets is something we love to help accomplish. Using a common front design with a design with variable information on the opposing side, we can help outfit everyone on your team with a beautiful and unique business card. 

Die-Cut Diamond Shaped Copper Foil Business Cards

How to Order Your Letterpress Business Cards Online

Visit our quote request form or contact us via phone (1-800-213-6408) to learn more or ask questions about the process!

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