Ink Colors

Selecting Ink Colors

Selecting your design colors can be a little overwhelming! Trying to decide on just the perfect shade for your design is a process and we’re here to help. We use the Pantone Uncoated color formula guide when printing letterpress. The best method is to look through a Pantone swatch book in person, as colors on computer screens can vary when printed on uncoated papers. 

Choose any of our signature ink colors or we can mix any Pantone Uncoated color. We mix the ink for each project by hand to ensure the best possible color match. 

Signature Letterpress ink Colors

Pantone uncoated color swatch book

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend finding an uncoated Pantone swatch book if at all possible. Sometimes you can find them at local stationery stores or even certain university art departments. They can also be ordered directly from the Pantone website. 

However, if you absolutely cannot get your hands on the uncoated guide, just be aware that the color may vary some when printed on the uncoated papers used in letterpress printing.

Absolutely! Each color is printed using its own plate, so it does create additional production costs. 

Envelopes come in all colors of the rainbow and matching the ink on your invitation or note card to the envelope is a great touch. While we cannot promise an exact match, we will try our best to select the closest possible color. 

Letterpress inks are transparent and we print on uncoated papers. Because of this, when printing Pantone metallic gold, for example, the color looks more brown than a shiny gold. We recommend using foil stamping for best results when the desired look is metallic gold or silver.


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