Foil Colors

Selecting Foil Colors

Foil stamping allows for a similar tangible impression as letterpress printing. Using heat and copper dies, the foil is pressed into the surface of the paper, cleanly revealing your design. Foil is completely opaque unlike letterpress inks, allowing for lighter colors to be printed on colored papers. Metallic foils are much more successful in giving a metallic look rather than using metallic inks. Foil stamping is a great choice to add something special to your project and can be combined with either letterpress or digital printing. 

Select from one of our signature stock foil colors or let us know if you have something else in mind! We source foil from several different suppliers and can find almost any color you can think of. 

Signature Foil Stamping Colors

Art deco gold foil stamped thank you card

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Foil stamping is perfect for printing light colors on darker paper, like white on black paper, etc. Unlike letterpress, which uses transparent inks, foils are opaque. 

Yes! However, each color will require its own copper plate and therefore would be an additional charge. 

Absolutely! Foil and ink can compliment each other beautifully. Just be sure to separate the foil and ink layers in your design.


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