Allison and Jet Save the Date

A Little Bit Southern, A Little Bit Modern

When we were contacted by stationery designer Kimberly Meyer of Paper Doll Calligraphy, we fell in love immediately with this striking design for a save the date card. Drawing on the inspiration of Spanish moss and live oaks from the wedding destination, she created a beautiful illustration that worked well with the letterpress process. The combination of the modern typography and the border were both design choices that made this save the date sing. Printed on double-thick 220lb Neenah Cotton paper, the soft texture of the paper allowed for a deep letterpress impression. The last little bit of flair was the out-of-the-ordinary card size, a 6″ square that added to the modern feel of the entire card.

Processes Used


Materials Used

Neenah Cotton

Printed On

1967 Heidelberg Windmill

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia there live the blind texts.