Using Letterpress Note Cards to Enhance Your Snail Mail

Two Color Folding Note Card

Using Letterpress Note Cards to Enhance Your Snail Mail

Do you remember a time, not too long ago, when snail mail was de rigueur? Before emails and texting, sending correspondence through the mail was not only the norm, but an expected thing to do to keep in touch with family and friends. Checking the mailbox with the anticipation of receiving a hand-written note or letter is a core memory that a lot of us have. As nostalgia for the past reaches an all time high in our society, more and more people are getting back into the habit of sending out snail mail to share sentiments with both loved ones and clients.

Letterpress printing of personalized note cards is a fantastic way to add a little something special to the mail you send out. By upping your stationery game with personalized letterpress note cards, the message you’re sending out is automatically elevated to a new level. We love helping people create the custom note card of their dreams! Both personal and business stationery are easily enhanced with premium printing methods such as letterpress or foil stamping.

Flat Letterpress Note Cards

Letterpress Note Card and Letterpress Envelope Liner

A flat note card with a deep letterpress impression is a wonderful medium on which to send a hand written message. There are several options for the size of the note card itself, all of which fit into standard sized coordinating envelopes. This note card printed for visual artist Sophie Lin Berard is shown with a letterpress envelope liner, the style and form of the note card translating well onto the kraft colored liner. This attention to detail creates a special experience for the recipient of the note when they open the envelope and read the handwritten message. 

Folding Letterpress Note Cards

Two Color Folding Note Card

Another option for your custom letterpress note cards is a folding card. This allows for more design freedom, since the area for writing is much larger and not limited to just one panel of the card. Using a creasing die, the fold on each card is exact and uniform. These can also be created in a variety of card sizes, the two most popular being an A2 card (4.25 x 5.5 inches when folded) or an A7 card (5 x 7 inches when folded). A folding card is a premium piece of stationery that often can become a keepsake. 

Letterpress Post Cards

Foil stamped and letterpress post card

Post cards are a fun way to add a personalized touch to your stationery. Using foil stamping or letterpress, a post card that can be used for personal correspondence is a twist on the classic note card. Using methods like duplexing, where two sheets of papers are affixed to each other after printing, we can achieve interesting combinations of paper colors and textures. Post cards are typically more practical for business correspondence, but a quick note handwritten on a personalized card can make quite the impact. 

Coordinating Envelopes

Letterpress Red Envelope

Don’t forget the envelopes! Using coordinating or colored envelopes to finish off the look and feel of your personalized letterpress stationery is one more way to create an experience for the person receiving the mail. Your return address can be printed using either letterpress or digital printing, including with white ink on colored envelopes. Blank envelopes are also available upon request, if you’d rather hand write your address. A nicely textured envelope adds a nicely finished touch to your note cards. 

Reach out to us with your ideas for your own personalized letterpress note cards! We’re always excited to help you craft beautiful stationery.

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