Gold foil on orange paper

Get a Spring Headstart with Creative Ideas For Your Letterpress Stationery

While some people see winter as a slow season, one for reflection and rest, we see it as an opportunity to plant the seeds of growth for next year. When the competition is curled up by the fire, this is your time to give your business a boost for the spring buying season.

Now that many more transactions are happening online, we’re missing that important opportunity for a handshake and a smile. We’ve found that including customized stationer and handwritten notes with online orders can help create that connection with your customers, even if they’re far away. Here are just a few distinctive ways that you can build this strategy into your business using our handcrafted processes:

Foil Stamped Notecard

Note Cards with Coordinating Envelopes

The classic note card will never go out of style. And including one with online orders is a great way to let people know a real person is behind your business. These foil stamped note cards were designed by Kendra Lebo and printed for Bowen, a fine jeweler based in New York City. Coordinating blue cards and envelopes were printed with delicate gold foil, along with an added element of subtle luxury with the deep blind deboss on the envelope flap. These versatile cards can be included with online orders or mailed as a reminder or thank you card.

Letterpress Hang Tags on Kraft with Eyelets

Handcrafted Hang Tags

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re someone who puts a lot of thought into your products. But how do you convey that dedication to quality at the point of purchase? We recommend a die-cut handcrafted hang tag to help express the intentionality behind your products. These tags made for Round Swamp Farm were printed with a deep letterpress impression that you can see and feel. Heavyweight Muscletone Kraft paper from French Paper Co. gives these tags a sturdy weight that stands up on the shelf. As a finishing touch, silver eyelets were added so that string could be incorporated to help give them style and durability.

Foil Stamped Insert Card

Die-Cut Note Cards

Sometimes the standard rectangle note card is a “little too square”. It’s important to convey your brand identity in strong, distinctive ways and a uniquely shaped note card does exactly that. These vibrant cards for Stone and Strand were foil stamped on orange paper and then die-cut into semi-circles. Choosing this pumpkin shade from Gmund Colors gave these cards a depth that would be impossible to print with ink. These were mounted to a light blush colored paper for the perfect writing surface. Imagine receiving one of these cards with your order instead of the standard packing slip!

Foil Stamped Labels

Packaging Labels

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but the reality is that every time we purchase a product, the packaging plays a large part in our decision making process. Premium letterpress or foil stamped packaging labels are a great way to convey the quality of the products within. These beautiful labels for home and body care company The Honey Hutch incorporated both letterpress and foil stamping and were printed on Strathmore Label paper that is backed with a self-adhesive, allowing for easy application to jars and bottles.

Rainbow Roll Letterpress Hang Tags

Rainbow Roll Letterpress Hang Tags

The hang tags you add to your products can really speak volumes about what you’re trying to represent as a company. The personality and tone can be set with something as simple as a packaging tag. These one of a kind hang tags were created for Noe Garments using a process called rainbow roll printing. Two different colored inks are put on each side of a printing drum, and when the press is in motion, the colors gradually meet, creating an ombre effect. Using five different colorways, each tag was unique and added a touch of personalization to each piece of clothing sold.

Gold foil on orange paper

Premium Business Cards

The workhorse of business stationery is the tried and true business card. Along with conveying your contact information, your card can also be the perfect opportunity to truly express yourself personality, along with your brand identity. These modern and cheerful business cards were printed for graphic designer Muneeb Arain on double-thick Colorplan Mandarin with gold foil stamping. Including a unique business card with your products is the perfect way to establish a tone with customers, letting them know what you and your business is all about.

If you have an idea for stationery to set you and your business apart, please reach out to us via our Quote Request form!

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