Blind Debossing Makes an Impression Without Ink

Blind Deboss Detail

Blind Debossing Makes an Impression Without Ink

To Ink or Not To Ink?

That, sometimes, is the question. Today, we’re going to get into the nitty gritty of blind debossing, a printing technique that has become increasingly popular in both business and event stationery. To put it in the simplest terms, a blind deboss is printing using a letterpress plate without ink, leaving an inkless, or blind, impression in the paper. Other than the inking of the press, every other step in the blind deboss process is the same as a standard letterpress printing pass. A plate is made from a design, and from that plate, the design is pressed into the paper, leaving behind a subtle but tangible impression.

Blind Deboss Business Card

Wedding Stationery and Blind Debossing

Most often, a blind impression is used to add texture or design elements to a print. Lace borders, floral patterns, or graphic art deco lines work well with this sort of printing technique, as these design elements don’t necessarily need ink or foil to make them shine. This technique is a fantastic way to add subtle texture and imagery to an invitation without taking away from the importance of the text. Textured papers combined with a deep inkless impression on a wedding invitation is a beautiful touch to add to your event stationery.

Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Business Stationery and Blind Debossing

A blind deboss can also add visual interest to the standard business card, making it something that clients will be impressed by. Some logos and designs work beautifully with the use of a blind deboss, especially those that are more simple in design. More complex or detailed designs may lose some detail or readability without the use of ink or foil. We can also use a clear varnish in place of ink, which can allow for more legibility while still employing a clean and modern printing technique. In the card below, a deep blind impression was pressed into textured blue paper for The Morris. Combined with gold foil stamping, this stunning card definitely stands out in a sea of boring business cards. 

Combining Blind Debossing with Other Techniques

While an inkless impression is more commonly used as a complement to a design, it’s becoming more popular to utilize this technique as a main feature of design. A sleek and interesting contrasting design pressed into paper alongside letterpress or foil stamping makes a bold statement, like these cards printed for Wild Rabbit Aerial. Not only does the graphic artwork look bold and interesting without any ink, but it adds texture and interest to the foil stamping portion of the design. 

Blind Deboss and Foil Stamping

A Bold yet Subtle Design Choice

Choosing a blind deboss for your design can be an interesting and stunning way to add a little something extra to your stationery. Whether you’re using this technique to add texture or utilizing a bold blind impression to showcase your branding in a modern way, we’re always eager to help throughout the process of design and printing. Contact us to start your next blind deboss project!

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