Catrina and Leonardo’s Textural and Modern Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Letterpress Wedding Invitations on Textured Paper with Wax Seal

Hi! My name is Alyssa, founder and stationery designer at Alyssa Amez Design. Alyssa Amez Design is a custom, intentional design and upscale stationery studio that focuses on the finest materials and finishing touches to elevate your special event. I’ve worked with Rise & Shine Letterpress for almost a year now, and looking back, it’s […]

Joining Our Wholesale Program

Letterpress Wedding Flat Lay

As a craft print shop, we often get asked, “Will you print a design that is not your own?” The answer to that question is an enthusiastic yes! We consider ourselves more than anything to be a wholesale printer, providing high quality printing services for stationery creators and graphic designers. As a printing partner with […]

The Triumphant Rise of the Humble Hang Tag

Cotton Letterpress Hangtags with Silver Eyelet

A look into the past and present of hang tags and how you can create letterpress hang tags for your brand. The hang tag (or swing tag, as it is sometimes known) has long been considered just a humble piece of paper that was attached to clothing or merchandise. However, we are now in the […]

Young, Scrappy, and Hungry

Clampitt Paper

January is here and with it comes the standard resolutions for reflection, growth, change, and a plan. As a business, the main question is how can we reflect, change, and plan in the face of the unprecedented times we’re living in? In the stationery and printing industry, we’re already a creative group. One of the […]